The Rights and Responsibilities

This is the second edition of our popular resource guide. It covers receiving care from agencies and from the Choice in Supports for Independent Living (CSIL) program. The section on receiving care from agencies describes care in your home, a group home, and assisted living facility. The section on CSIL describes the program and how to apply for it, how to hire and manage staff and how to do payroll. There is also a section on legislation that employers must be aware of.

How to Create a Trust

Welcome to the third edition of this incredibly popular resource guide. Much to our surprise, our resource guide has become a “best seller.” With our first two print runs, we have distributed 2000 copies and the demand continues to be strong, thus prompting a third print run. This edition contains updated information and a brand new section on Disability Tax Credits. It is our hope that our readers will find it helpful and informative. We have done our best to ensure the information in this resource guide is accurate and up-to-date at the time of printing. However, legislation and other things may change over time. We encourage readers to seek professional help when creating Trust Agreements.

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CSIL Handbook/Guide

This manual will instruct you on how to set up a CSIL program... Please click on the Download button below to download your own free copy.

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