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The "Tone of Voice" is the newsletter of The Voice of the Cerebral Palsied of Greater Vancouver (VCP). The views and opinions expressed in the "Tone of Voice" are not necessarily those of the Board of Directors, The Newsletter Committee, or the Production Staff of the VCP. The articles presented herein are meant to be thought-provoking and stimulate dialogue. The "Tone Of Voice" is a forum for individual creativity and the generation of ideas from within the Cerebral Palsied community of British Columbia. This is your opportunity to share information and insights and to introduce issues and topics you feel should be brought to the attention of the Cerebral Palsied community and the general public. We invite your comments and criticism of any of the articles published here. We hope that you will contribute articles to share with other readers. We want your stories, letters, announcements, poetry graphics and cartoons.

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