The Voice of the Cerebral Palsied of Greater Vancouver (VCP) has been a non-profit society, under the Societies Act of British Columbia, since 1977. The VCP is located at 2251 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC,  and the postal code is V5N 2T6. The VCP is a self-help support society formed in the firm belief that Cerebral Palsied (CP) adults are the only experts on their own needs and aspirations. The VCP is controlled and operated solely by adults with Cerebral Palsy and other birth defects. It is the only organization in B. C. which truly represents Cerebral Palsied people. The VCP was formed to provide a continuum of services and programs necessary to assist Cerebral Palsied individuals in developing the skills and confidence to assume a productive and meaningful role in society.

Mission Statement

To advocate with, or on behalf of, adults with Cerebral Palsy to help them reach their fullest potential within society.


  • To promote public awareness and acceptance of people with Cerebral Palsy as active, equal and contributing members of society.

  • To promote active participation by people with Cerebral Palsy in initiating necessary social change to improve the quality of life for people with disabilities and to protect their dignity.

  • To provide information about Cerebral Palsy and information relevant to people with Cerebral Palsy to the following groups: people with CP, people with other disabilities, professionals and the general public.

  • To provide direct services, especially to Cerebral Palsied adults, which are not available through other agencies. This may include: peer counselling, basic computer training customized to the student’s needs, basic office skills training, and small loans to purchase items that other agencies will not fund.

  • To refer clients to the appropriate professionals and agencies whenever required.

  • To work with other groups or organizations on issues of common concern.


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